A SmileMore membership pays for itself on the very first comprehensive visit.  A new patient who visits our office for only exams and cleanings can expect to save the following:

New Patient Comprehensive VisitCustomary FeesSmileMore Fees
SmileMore MembershipN/A$299.00
Comprehensive Exam$119.00No Charge
Full Mouth X-rays$169.00No Charge
Preventive Cleaning (adult first visit)$125.00$15.00
OSHA Compliance Fee$18.00$18.00
Second Office Visit (same year)Customary FeesSmileMore Fees
Periodic Exam$60.00No Charge
Bitewing X-rays$74.00No Charge
Preventive Cleaning (adult second visit)$125.00$15.00
OSHA Compliance Fee$18.00$18.00
Annual Price$708.00$365.00
SmileMore Savings$343.00

The same SmileMore member that receives the above services and also needs a root canal, build-up and crown saves additionally:

Restorative VisitCustomary FeesSmileMore Fees
Limited Exam$81.00No Charge
Periapical X-ray$35.00No Charge
Root Canal-Molar$1399.00$1189.00
Crown Build-up$379.00$322.00
Porcelain Ceramicl Crown$1550.00$1318.00
OSHA Compliance Fee $18.00$18.00
Additional SmileMore Savings$615.00

Fees effective January 1, 2015, Percentage of savings is calculated on usual and customary fees for general dentistry procedures. Please contact Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dental Associates to discuss procedures and pricing specific to your dental needs.